Mosame – Giving Orphans a Future – Isaiah 1:17

Mosame is a greeting in the Cameroonian Baya language meaning – Good morning, have you seen the light?

Mosame Trust has been set up to support to provide foster care, education and training to help the orphans stand on their own feet and be self-sufficient. We are also working with the churches and other organisations in Bambouti to empower the wider community to help the widows and abandoned children in their community by promoting micro businesses, healthcare and schooling.

Monique Olama Gomedja

Foster Care

The work of Mosame Trust began when Monique Olama Gomedja, herself a widow, took in four children. One was even found abandoned on the rubbish dump and she called the baby January Hope. Now a number of children are supported in foster care…. Read more >>

Children studying in private schools


To help the orphans reach their potential they are enrolled in a local school and we pay for all their education and welfare through Sponsorship. It costs from £160 to put a child through school each year. Read more >>

Sustainable Farming & Skills

Micro Businesses

The villagers of Bambouti are mainly subsident farmers who are willing to adopt the orphans but need an adequate income to do so. Mosame Trust has been working with the community to seed new micro businesses. Read more >>

Current Campaigns

There are many aspects of life in Bambouti that require our help but these are the campaigns that Mosame Trust are currently working on. Read more >>