Support Orphans in their Education

All the children in the village come from very poor families. In providing classrooms and education facilities we will be able to give them a better start in life. The orphaned children we took on before 2010 are all in foster families around the town of Bertoua. They are in private schools as this gives them appropriate support.

Bambouti village now has six classrooms which cater for children up to top junior level. Children showing promise academically are sponsored in secondary schools. Children wanting to learn a trade can choose an apprenticeship in one of the small businesses in the village.


Help Children Reach their Potential

It costs £160 to put a child through school each year. The demand for places has increased and we are pleased to inform you that new classrooms were added in 2012.



Two of Patrick’s adventures as a child living in Cameroon have been published as books and all the proceeds from the sale of these books go towards helping the orphans in Bambouti village. There is also a free teaching support pack with some interactive materials available. Read more >>

Make a Difference through Your Support

You can support a child in ways that will secure their education and giving hope for their future:

  • Supporting a child through school or college from £160 each year
  • Supporting a child foster home £250 each year
  • Sponsoring a teacher in Bambouti £1200 each year