Foster Parenting of Vulnerable Children

In Bambouti, children are orphaned for several reasons: AIDS, malaria or maybe animal attacks. Other children are abandoned by their families who are unable to provide for their needs as local farmers face many challenges with the fluctuating prices they are able to get for their cocoa and coffee harvests.

With £21 monthly support per child for foster parents, Mosame Trust is able to arrange foster care with family members or responsible members of the community.

Foster Parenting

Give each Child a Caring Home

Mosame’s vision is that all the children will be able to stay within Bambouti where they can grow up in a caring family environment. The selected families are monitored on a regular basis.

Make a Difference through Your Support

Foster families have also access to support if needed. You can help by giving orphans and vulnerable children a family and a hope for their future:

  • You can sponsor a child through school from £160 each year
  • You can sponsor a child in a foster home for £250 each year

Foster Parenting

Transform Individual Lives

Viny, seen here back left, has been with his foster family since 2007. When his father died of AIDS his mother, who also has HIV couldn’t look after him and he was brought to Mama Monique’s house. He is currently studying accountancy, sees his mother in holiday time and farms her land to ensure she has food.