Micro Business Initiatives

Mosame Trust works with the local adult population to establish micro businesses. This is done through a loan system or occasionally a reward scheme. These are seen as the principal areas where education and advice is needed to help the villagers learn business skills and how to manage their profits. In time we hope this will lead to self sufficiency.


New building company established

The young people who have learned skills in building Villa Bambouti (originally a family home in Bertoua) have since formed a successful company. Since then they have been involved building the village community medical centre, workshops and school. They have also been employed on projects from the UN, unicef and the catholic church.

Farming and skills

Cooperative Farming

Mosame Trust introduce cooperative farming in Bambouti village and helped to educate local farmers This allows harvesting of crops on a larger scale to both provide for the needs of the village and in producing additional crops for sale. Profits provide a source of funding into other works of the Trust in Cameroon.

Rattan Workshop

Carpentry Workshop

Since the construction of the two workshops in the village a new rattan furniture business has been opened. Vincent the manager now trains apprentices from the village.