Current Campaigns

We are constantly striving to make a difference to the lives of the villagers in Bambouti and our current campaigns are focusing on three main areas of need in the village. These are to provide solar lamps for the school children, purchase flip-flops for those still walking barefoot and continued sponsorship for the Aids Orphans.

Solar lamps for Bambouti’s school children

Patrick Mballa ran in the B&Q Eastleigh 10k Road Race on Sunday 23rd March 2014 to raise money to provide rechargeable solar lamps for the school children. These are to replace kerosene lamps which expose the children to toxic fumes and various infections. Your donation will help prevent this!


Barefoot challenge

There are over 300 children walking barefoot to school and they are being exposed to snakebites, cuts and injuries. Please help us to purchase flip-flops, which are made from old car tyres, in the local market in Cameroon.

Foster Parenting

Orphan Sponsorship

Mosame sponsors 17 (AIDS) orphans in Cameroon to provide foster care, education and job opportunities to help them fully integrate in their community. We also sponsor micro businesses to generate income to care for more orphans. Your donation of £5 a month supports one orphan’s education, healthcare and welfare for the entire year.